Forgotten Realms 1372

OFFICIAL ADVENTURE LOG: Prologue- The Heroes Converge

Corymr, the Forest Kingdom. Once a shining example of righteousness and civility in Faerun, now a hotbed of political strife and uncertain futures. Roads long traveled by the citizens are now blanketed with dangers, and cities the strongholds of embattled corrupt politicians. Their battlefields the once welcoming streets and rolling hills, their casualties the decency and culture they once protected.
Five strangers, to each other and to Cormyr, converge on one fateful night. Each of them drawn to Immersea for different reasons, each carrying a burden of purpose within themselves. Through a seemingly random occurrence of events, the heroes were joined, and though friends were lost or parted from, their group was formed.
A Half-Orc, searching for redemption and solace from a life filled with Chaos; A Genasi, seeking knowledge of the world to escape the shackles of tradition; A Dwarf, refugee from his home and his culture, clinging to a last small piece of hope; A human, seeking ancient secrets to help strengthen a mysterious and dangerous bond; A man out of time, and perhaps out of touch with this world itself.
There would be no plaque where this meeting happened, no statue denoting the freedom their meeting afforded. There would hardly be mention of this event in the histories, although it was by far the most important moment in the history of the Ebon Flame.
This story, it seems, would be lost to all if not for this accounting, I put ink to parchment even now to help those who would seek the reasons for the Sundering and the Battle of the Ebon Flame understand why those events had to unfold, despite the costs, and to understand those who shouldered the burden of their choices.



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